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I was very impressed by the service I received from Confit Direct when I place an order for a selection of foie gras products in November, delivery was very quick and the items were packed securely. As these delicacies were ordered specially for Christmas we have not yet opened them so cannot write a review of the products, although I am sure they will be of the highest standard. I will be more than happy to deal its Confit Direct again in the future. (Joyce from Cornwall. Dec 2016)

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Duck and goose confit and foie gras are a traditional part of the diet of SW France. Our duck confit and foie gras  are produced in the Gers by a small group of 22 farmers who breed and raise their poultry using traditional methods and feeding only locally grown maize. The goose confit and foie gras are produced in les Landes and the Tarn. All are raised in sheds (never caged) with access to an extensive external enclosure (at least 5m² per animal). The meat and livers are conserved in their own fat by slow cooking, with a little salt and pepper as the only additives.


SW France has one of the lowest rates of heart disease in Europe and it is thought that duck fat may be a contributory factor to this. This is apparently due to the fat being high in mono- and polyunsaturates. What’s more, duck is also high in iron. Confit and foie gras are certainly very tasty and possibly good for you as well. What more could you want?

Our pork products from the Basque Country are made from free range pigs reared outdoors (all year) in the woods of a Pyrenean mountainside. They are free foraging, only being fed in the winter months when grazing/foraging is scarce. These  products are all meat ! Pork as it should be !
Our Escargots are from the Jura are also free range, being gathered from the wild!

  • Confit de Figues au Muscat de Beaume de Venise 210g
    £5.25 Confit de Figues au Muscat de Beaume de Venise 210g
    V Pureed Fig with white 'Muscat de Beaumes de Venise' wine and balsamic vinegar. Scrummy!(suitable for Vegetarians)

  • Rillettes de Canard 200g
    £5.95 Rillettes de Canard 200g
    The classic from S.W. France.98% Meat with white wine, orange & Armagnac.

  • Paté Pur Porc au Geniévre (Pork with Juniper) 130g
    £2.35 Paté Pur Porc au Geniévre (Pork with Juniper) 130g
    A simple pure pork paté with juniper berry.

  • Citrons Confits 200g
    £5.45 Citrons Confits 200g
    Lemons preserved in brine. An essential in North African/Maghrebin cooking...

  • Terrine de Sanglier au Laurier (Wild Boar with Bayleaves) 180g
    £3.75 Terrine de Sanglier au Laurier (Wild Boar with Bayleaves) 180g
    Wild boar paté with bayleaves from la Conserverie Quatrefages in the Aveyron. Proper paté with absolutely no preservatives and colouring. You don't need them so why put them in?

  • Harissa 90g
    £3.15 Harissa 90g
    An important element in Mediterranean cooking, hot and spicey harissa is generally used as a condiment or as an ingredient in dishes like couscous, tajine or kefteji...

  • Caponata 90g
    £3.15 Caponata 90g
    Provence in a jar! Aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, onions, green olives, capers, balsamic vinegar, celery. In short a mix of vegetables ready to spread on toast or to accompany meat or fish. This is a Caponata to spread on...

  • Mixed Cèpes & Bolets Jaune 50g
    £2.95 Mixed Cèpes & Bolets Jaune 50g
    A mixture of Cèpes/Porcini (above) & Bolets Jaune (Suillus granulatus). Cheaper than the above but just as tasty.

  • Cassoulet au Confit de Canard 840g
    £9.55 Cassoulet au Confit de Canard 840g
    (Serves 2)(ring-pull tin) The regional classic from South West France. With duck confit, beans & saucisses de ToulouseHeat in the oven topped with breadcrumbs or gently on the hob or bain marie. Serves 2 with a nice...

  • Tripes Basquaises à la Tomate 720g
    £13.60 Tripes Basquaises à la Tomate 720g
    (serves 2) Tripes Basquaises are a typical Basque dish. Long simmered beef tripe and jambon de Bayonne (ham) with onion, tomato, carrots, white wine, salt and pepper. Can be served on its own or with pasta, rice or chips...

  • Sauce de Caponata 280g
    £4.55 Sauce de Caponata 280g
    An Italian/Sicilian sauce based on fried Aubergine with peeled Provence tomatoes, red peppers, onions, green olives and capers.Often accompanies fish dishes in Sicily or eat it as a main course with pasta. This is a sauce...

  • Litchis à la liqueur de Passion 29cl
    £4.35 Litchis à la liqueur de Passion 29cl
    V Lychees in Passion fruit liqueur from les Vergers de Gascogne of Montestruc in the Gers, S.W. France.(4.5% alcohol by volume including the fruit). (suitable for...