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This is the first time I have used Confit Direct. I like the clear instructions on the storage and serving, particularly the Foie Gras Entier. It was also helpful to be able to order the Onion and Fig confit to go with the Foie Gras. I am addicted to rillette and was delighted to find this also available. Having spent a considerable amount of time in France and being accustomed to these products being served for ‘fetes’ I am thrilled at being able to order these products now that I travel to France infrequently. The ordering was easy and delivery and packaging impeccable. Thank you. (Rosamund W. from Dorset. Dec 2017)

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Basque Entrées

All products are la Charcuterie Basquaise who rear their own free range pigs outdoors (all year) in the woods of a Pyrenean mountainside. They are free foraging, only being fed in the winter months when grazing/foraging is scarce. These products are all meat! This is pork as it should be! In addition we now have Basque duck ‘chichons’ (like rillettes).

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  • Rillettes de Porc Basque  190g
    £4.75 Rillettes de Porc Basque 190g
    (ring-pull tin) Pork Rillettes from free-range Basque pigs who spend their lives half way up a Pyrenee (with a bit of duck! (see ingredient tab)).Proper pork.

  • Rillettes Basques 190g
    £4.75 Rillettes Basques 190g
    (ring-pull tin) Pork Rillettes from free-range pigs with 28% Jambon de Bayonne from la Charcuterie Basquaise in St Jean Pied de...

  • Chichons de Canard  190g
    £4.75 Chichons de Canard 190g
    A Basque speciality like duck rillettes but ground rather than shredded and slightly spicy.Crusty bread & Gaillac red wines are the perfect accompaniment...

  • Paté Basque 190g
    £4.75 Paté Basque 190g
    The ulimate in simple, coarse and meaty pork patés. From free-range Basque pigs who spend their lives half way up a Pyrenee...

  • Mousse de Canard Basque 180g
    £4.75 Mousse de Canard Basque 180g
    (ring-pull tin) A smooth duck paté from the Basque country with Port & spices.

  • Boudin Basque 180g
    £4.75 Boudin Basque 180g
    (ring-pull tin) A spreadable, tasty & meaty black pudding from free-range Basque pigs. Forget British black pudding with large lumps of fat (delicious as it can be), this is smooth, slightly spicy and very moreish. Also...