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I was very impressed by the service I received from Confit Direct when I place an order for a selection of foie gras products in November, delivery was very quick and the items were packed securely. As these delicacies were ordered specially for Christmas we have not yet opened them so cannot write a review of the products, although I am sure they will be of the highest standard. I will be more than happy to deal its Confit Direct again in the future. (Joyce from Cornwall. Dec 2016)

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The duck and goose rillettes are from les Fleurons de Samatan in the Gers. The pork & Basque rillettes and the chichons are from la Charcuterie Basquaise in St Jean-Pied-le Port in the Basque Country and the fish rillettes are from Groix et Nature on the Ile de Groix off the Brittany coast.
Spread on crusty bread or toast. Delicious!                              

  • Rillettes de Canard 200g
    £5.95 Rillettes de Canard 200g
    The classic from S.W. France.98% Meat with white wine, orange & Armagnac.

  • Rillettes d'Oie 190g
    £6.50 Rillettes d'Oie 190g
    A l'Ancienne. Goose rillettes with shallots, garlic nutmeg & seasoning, from les Fleurons de Samatan, a small farmer's cooperative in the Gers in S.W. FranceRillettes are meat normally shredded and cooked...

  • Rillettes de Porc Basque  190g
    £4.75 Rillettes de Porc Basque 190g
    (ring-pull tin) Pork Rillettes from free-range Basque pigs who spend their lives half way up a Pyrenee (with 10% duck).Proper pork.

  • Rillettes Basques 190g
    £4.75 Rillettes Basques 190g
    (ring-pull tin) Pork Rillettes from free-range pigs with 28% Jambon de Bayonne from la Charcuterie Basquaise in St Jean Pied de...

  • Chichons de Canard  190g
    £4.75 Chichons de Canard 190g
    A Basque speciality like duck rillettes but ground rather than shredded and slightly spicy.Crusty bread & Gaillac red wines are the perfect accompaniment...

  • Fritons de Canard 200g
    £5.95 Fritons de Canard 200g
    Spreadable Duck Confit, fritons are those tasty bits of cooked duck meat and crunchy fat, left over after making duck confit. Tasty?? Absolutely! Fatty?? Less than rillettes but, anyway, it's DUCK fat!!!Spread on bread and...