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This is the first time I have used Confit Direct. I like the clear instructions on the storage and serving, particularly the Foie Gras Entier. It was also helpful to be able to order the Onion and Fig confit to go with the Foie Gras. I am addicted to rillette and was delighted to find this also available. Having spent a considerable amount of time in France and being accustomed to these products being served for ‘fetes’ I am thrilled at being able to order these products now that I travel to France infrequently. The ordering was easy and delivery and packaging impeccable. Thank you. (Rosamund W. from Dorset. Dec 2017)

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Truffles & Dried Mushrooms

Black Winter Truffles (tuber melanosprum) from Plantin, in the Vaucluse department of Provence.  Please note these are winter truffles.
truffles (tuber aestivum) are not the same thing and nowhere near as tasty.
The truffles grow on the roots of certain types of trees, in particular oaks. They are found throughout different regions of southern Europe in France, Spain & Italy.
There are 4 categories from 'brisures' (breakings) which are very small bits, then 'pelures' (peelings/strips), then 'morceaux' (pieces) and finally 'entier' (whole).

There are more than a hundred of different varieties of truffle but few are worth eating, with some being completely inedible.
For serving help click here 

  • Black Truffles
    £24.45 Truffes Noires 12.5g Extra Quality
    V Whole Black Winter Truffles Extra Quality (replaces 1st Choice quality - not as good) Postage (on its own) £3.50. (suitable for Vegetarians) (Tuber Mélanosporum also known as Perigord truffle) from...

  • Pelures de Truffes Noires 12.5g
    £9.30 Pelures de Truffes Noires 12.5g
    V STRIPS of Black Winter Truffles ready for use (suitable for Vegetarians) (Tuber Mélanosporum also known as Perigord truffle) from Provence. In a small jar. Supplied with suggested recipes.  These are...

  • Dried Cepe/Porcini Mushrooms 50g
    £5.45 Dried Cepe/Porcini Mushrooms 50g
    V Dried Cepe/Porcini Mushrooms for use in any dish. Can de added straight to stews or casseroles or rehydrate before adding to omelette or similar.(suitable for...