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I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely yesterday, and we decided to try the confit de canard, it was delicious and we both thought it was one of the best confit we have eaten, and we eaten quite a lot as we spend at least a month or more in France each year and we have visited most regions including “Les Landes”. Also Your print out of advice on storage etc is very helpful and would be very helpful to younger people who aren’t always so knowledgeable about food storage other than using a fridge as Larders don’t really exist very much any longer. We are very much looking forward to trying your other things, my husband especially wants to try the snails. He told me to re-order some more confit, which I am definitely going to do, but just want to try the rillettes and snails, but will definitely be re-ordering before the end of the month, he is also very keen to try your Soupe de Homard. So thrilled to have found your web site, by chance through Google, but will be telling my friends and family. Thank you once again Yours sincerely Alexandra Galliers-Pratt. Nov 2018)

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Very Hungry Frenchman, Raymond Blanc

1108868-raymond-blanc.jpgIn his TV programme, the Very Hungry Frenchman, Raymond Blanc travelled round France tasting his favourite foods and wines. In episode 1, the Jura, he tasted the wines of the area including the 'heavenly' Vin Jaune and the spicy red Trousseau. He also visited Alsace for Choucroute. and Provence for Tapenade etc

  • Trousseau des Dames 2012
    £16.05 Trousseau des Dames 2012
    The Trousseau grape produces a wine dissimilar to that from any other grape variety. It you gives round, robust, fruity, slightly peppery and minerally wines with great length and great ageing ability. This 'cuvée'...

  • Arbois Pinot Noir 2015
    £13.30 Arbois Pinot Noir 2015
    Pinot Noir is the mainstay of neighbouring Burgundy and in the similar climate of the Jura it works equally well. As you would expect , the nose is delicately fruity and the mouth full with the peppery and minerally side...

  • Arbois Rouge Rubis 2013
    £12.90 Arbois Rouge Rubis 2013
    Ruby Red! A new/old addition to Fred Lornet's range of wines. This is a traditional Arbois red wine from WAY back, when Arbois wines were rather unknown and they had to produce wine for the popular pallet. An 'assemblage' of...

  • Arbois Ploussard 2015
    £12.80 Arbois Ploussard 2015
    Sometimes described as a rosé, this wine is more of a light red as it is made like a red wine with no saignée (This is the process by which some coloration of the juice by the grape skins is allowed but not as...

  • Arbois Vin Jaune 14º 62cl 2010
    £29.95 Arbois Vin Jaune 14º 62cl 2010
    £10 off previous price.  The 'yellow wine' for which the Jura is best known. The Savagnin grapes are late picked and after fermentation the wine is stored in oak casks for a minimum of 6 years and 3 months...

  • Arbois Vin Jaune 37.5cl (Half-Bottle) 2007
    £21.95 Arbois Vin Jaune 37.5cl (Half-Bottle) 2007
    £4 off previous price.  The 'yellow wine' for which the Jura is best known. The Savagnin grapes are late picked and after fermentation the wine is stored in oak casks for a minimum of 6 years and 3 months...

  • Vin de Paille 37.5cl 2011
    £28.95 Vin de Paille 37.5cl 2011
    Hand picking and sorting the Savagnin, Poulsard and Chardonnay grapes and then drying for 6 weeks (to concentrate the sugars) before slow fermentation and ageing in oak for at least 3 years gives a sweet, mellow wine of 15...

  • Arbois Naturé 2015
    £15.95 Arbois Naturé 2015
    Like a good Chardonnay with more than a hint of Sauvignon Blanc plus a bit more. Our personal favourite white wine! However we have decided it would be selfish not to share. Naturé is the old name for the Savagnin or...

  • Arbois Chardonnay 2015
    £12.85 Arbois Chardonnay 2015
    Fréderic Lornet's Chardonnay regularly (4 times since 1996) wins medals at the Chardonnay of the World competitions. The nose is crisp, very fruity and ever so slightly smokey. The taste confirms all of this with...

  • Savagnin 2012
    £18.65 Savagnin 2012
    This starts off exactly the same way as the Vin Jaune above but is only allowed to oxidise for 3 years. Clean, crisp and slightly woody with a little butteriness. If you are unsure about going the whole hog with Vin Jaune...

  • Chardonnay/Savagnin 2013
    £16.55 Chardonnay/Savagnin 2013
    A blend of the slightly oxidised Savagnin and the crisper Chardonnay, this is a good (and cheaper) introduction to Vin Jaune and Savagnin...

  • Crémant du Jura
    £14.35 Crémant du Jura
    100% Chardonnay. The bubbles are very fine, indicating slow fermentation. Fruity and slightly floral with slightly smoky nose. A great and good value alternative to Champagne...

  • Crémant du Jura Rosé
    £14.65 Crémant du Jura Rosé
    100% Ploussard/Poulsard. Like the blanc de blanc, the bubbles in the rosé version are tiny. Pale peach in colour, it is very smooth, clean, and tasting of peach and strawberry. Try it , you’ll be hooked.Fizz...

  • Macvin 75cl
    £23.75 Macvin 75cl
    This aperitif (18% alcohol) is made in the same way as Pineau des Charentes or Floc de Gascogne by mixing Marc brandy with unfermented grape juice and then kept in oak for 12 months. Serve chilled.

  • Marc du Jura 70cl 45º
    £39.00 Marc du Jura 70cl 45º
    This is Marc Brandy which is the distllation of the lees (marc) left at the end of fermentation. Satisfyingly deep and smooth with fruity complexity.