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The wines of Gaillac and the Jura are little known in France let alone the UK!
We have been selling them since we started Devigne Wines in 2002. Being from areas 300 miles apart with quite different climates, soil and grape varieties, you might expect very different wines. In fact, both areas produce subtle and fragrant wines with a touch of spice and much finesse. In addition these wines age beautifully (we have had excellent Trousseau (from the Jura) from the 1950s). Likewise Claude & Christine Rouquié in Gaillac and Fredéric Lornet in the Jura are very hands-on producers from families where the vines and the talent have passed down through the generations.

Grapes.jpgThere has been well-organised wine production around Gaillac since the founding of the Abbaye St-Michel in 972AD though there is evidence of production considerably before this date.
The vines of le Mas de Bicary are to be found on south facing slopes on the right bank of the river Tarn.
The Rouquiés are hard working, uncomplicated and ambitious people who make excellent wines (practising ‘lutte raisonnée' - use of an absolute minimum of chemical products), which rival anything, made in Gaillac. They continue to respect traditional methods whilst ignoring the current trend of producing red wines to be drunk very young. In this way you could say that they are old-fashioned in that they go for quality before quick profit. It is very unusual to be able to buy so many vintages of red from one producer. Make the most of the opportunity before this rare pearl is discovered by too many.

We also stock their traditional Perlé (a crisp and very slightly ‘petillant’ or (perlant) white wine), their exceptional rosé, still and sweet whites and ‘brut’ Méthode Traditionnelle & Ancéstrale fizz. There isn’t a mediocre wine amongst them and great value!

Our range of Jura wines from Frédéric Lornet continues to be popular, particPlace de la Liberté, Arboisularly those made from the Savagnin variety. There is the famous Vin Jaune or Savagnin itself, which starts off exactly the same way as but is only allowed to oxidise for 3 years. If you are unsure about going the whole hog with Vin Jaune why not start with this or try a blend of Savagnin and crisp Chardonnay.
We continue to stock the famous Vin de Paille, plus our personal favourite white, Naturé, a Chardonnay and 5 reds, 2 Crémants (Rosé & Blanc) and Fine du Jura (a Marc brandy).