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Fizz & Méthode Traditionnelle

French Méthode Traditionnelle & Cremant wines are made in very much the same way as Champagne, are often as good as Champagne but as they are not from the region of Champagne, they cost considerably less. With a bit less fizz are Mousseux, Pétillant & Perlé.


  • Gaillac Blanc Perlé
    £10.55 Gaillac Blanc Perlé
    Light, supple, aromatic and refreshing, this wine has the green apply flavour you would expect from the Mauzac grape with its traditional accompaniment of Sauvignon Blanc. The very subtle fizz is produced by a secondary...

  • Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale Brut 10%
    £14.65 Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale Brut 10%
    From 100% Mauzac grape, this time, and the fizz is produced by stopping the fermentation near the end by cooling. It is then filtered and bottled with the final bit of the totally natural fermentation producing the bubbles...

  • Crémant du Jura
    £14.35 Crémant du Jura
    100% Chardonnay. The bubbles are very fine, indicating slow fermentation. Fruity and slightly floral with slightly smoky nose. A great and good value alternative to Champagne...

  • Crémant du Jura Rosé
    £14.65 Crémant du Jura Rosé
    100% Ploussard/Poulsard. Like the blanc de blanc, the bubbles in the rosé version are tiny. Pale peach in colour, it is very smooth, clean, and tasting of peach and strawberry. Try it , you’ll be hooked.Fizz...