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Gaillac Rouge, Blanc, Rosé & Fizz

mai_juin_2007_(31).jpgLe Mas de Bicary, Claude and Christine Rouquié

Stocked by us since 2002!

With the financial pressures wine producers are under today, it is exceptionally rare to find a grower making a large amount of wine for keeping. Claude and Christine Rouquié are amongst these rarities, stocking so many different vintages. These are serious, very fruity, very full wines, with soft tannins which will age tremendously well. They have a beautiful deep red colour, a powerful bouquet, and a rich taste. What is more they are reasonably priced.
The cuvées ‘Fût de chêne’ and ‘Réserve’ are from Merlot and the local Braucol (aka Fer Servadou).
The Gaillac Rouges are an ‘assemblage’ of Merlot, Braucol, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and the local Duras (nothing to do with Côtes de Duras). The new 'Fricassou'
is from local grape varieties only (quite unusual) with 90% Braucol and 10% Duras.
These wines are generally very fruity and rich with good tannin. This means that they can be drunk after 3 years but will still be excellent after 8 or 10. Watch them develop.

The whites and the Méthode Traditionnelle are based on Mauzac, Len de l’Elmaison_3.JPG (Loin de l’Oeil; the ‘eyes’ –buds- are far apart on the vine) with a little Sauvignon Blanc. The Méthode Ancestrale is 100% Mauzac.
is very aromatic with a distinct taste of green apple and also used in Limoux area. The Len de l’El is more floral and blends well with the Mauzac.
The ever popular rosé is 100% Syrah.
The new Secret de nos coteaux & Vin des Grives blanc & rosé are sippers rather than gluggers and will appeal to the connoisseur!

  • Gaillac Rouge 2012
    £10.75 Gaillac Rouge 2012
    Brilliantly purply, bluey red. The nose is fresh and fruity (cherry, raspberry, blackberry) with a touch of liquorice and caramel! In the mouth, round and soft with a fresh, spicey and liquoricy (!) finish. Drink now until...

  • Gaillac Rouge 2014
    £10.55 Gaillac Rouge 2014
    For those who loved the the 1993, 1996, 2000, 2005, 2007 & 2010 vintages. This is dark, floral, fragrant and lightly fruity (blackberries) with smooth tannin. NOT for seekers of big bold fruity wines. It is Burgundy...

  • Gaillac Rouge, Réserve 2008
    £12.65 Gaillac Rouge, Réserve 2008
    Yet another great Gaillac Réserve from the Rouquiés. This 'cuvée' just gets better and better every year!From old vines of Merlot and the local Braucol (aka Fer Servadou). Like a quality St Emilion or...

  • Gaillac Rouge
    £9.95 Gaillac Rouge "Fricassou" 2013 12% 50 cl.
    This special cuvée from 90% Braucol (AKA Fer Servadou) and 10% Duras is slightly wooded and in 50cl bottles.Braucol wines are deeply red, full bodied, slightly rustic (but tannins are soft) and with tastes of ...

  • GAILLAC Rouge, Mixed Half Case
    £64.50 GAILLAC Rouge, Mixed Half Case
    Gaillac Rouge 2012 x 2,Gaillac Rouge 2014 x 2 Gaillac Rouge Réserve 2008Gaillac Rouge "Fricassou" 2013 12% 50 cl...

  • Gaillac Blanc Sec
    £9.95 Gaillac Blanc Sec
    From Mauzac and Sauvignon Blanc. A citrousy lemony slightly nose. Full and tangy in the mouth with good length. Drink very cold. Ideal for fish. Makes a great Kir.

  • Gaillac Blanc Perlé
    £10.55 Gaillac Blanc Perlé
    Light, supple, aromatic and refreshing, this wine has the green apply flavour you would expect from the Mauzac grape with its traditional accompaniment of Sauvignon Blanc. The very subtle fizz is produced by a secondary...

  • Gaillac Blanc Doux (Sweet) 75cl
    £12.15 Gaillac Blanc Doux (Sweet) 75cl
    From a late and selective hand-picking of Mauzac, it has a rich nose of honey and dried fruits. Very smooth in the mouth, drink as an aperitif or to accompany foie gras or cheese. Great value for money...

  • Gaillac Rosé
    £0.00 Gaillac Rosé
    SORRY!! NONE MADE THIS YEAR. IT WASN'T UP TO STANDARD!       Salmony pink in colour, this wine, from 100% Syrah, is so fruity you might think you were drinking a Kir. Strawberry, raspberry and red and...

  • Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale Brut 10%
    £14.65 Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale Brut 10%
    From 100% Mauzac grape, this time, and the fizz is produced by stopping the fermentation near the end by cooling. It is then filtered and bottled with the final bit of the totally natural fermentation producing the bubbles...

  • MIXED GAILLAC, Mixed Case
    £136.00 MIXED GAILLAC, Mixed Case
    Gaillac Rouge 2012 x 2Gaillac Rouge 2014 x 2Gaillac Rouge Réserve 2008 x 2Gaillac Rouge "Fricassou" 2013 12% 50 cl.Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale Brut x 2,  Gaillac Blanc Perlé, x 2Gaillac Blanc Doux...

  • Le Secret de nos Côteaux 50cl 14.7%
    £15.25 Le Secret de nos Côteaux 50cl 14.7%
    A dry white from the local Len de l’El grape picked late and fully fermented out to give 14.7% alcohol then aged in acacia wood for 2 years. This imbues the wine with a much subtler taste than oak leaving less...

  • Vin des Grives blanc 50cl 11.5% alc
    £11.35 Vin des Grives blanc 50cl 11.5% alc
    From the Len de L’El grape and like a late picked ‘vendange tardive’ this is sweeter than the Gaillac Doux. Excellent as an aperitif or digestif. To our taste perhaps a little too sweet to accompany...