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I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely yesterday, and we decided to try the confit de canard, it was delicious and we both thought it was one of the best confit we have eaten, and we eaten quite a lot as we spend at least a month or more in France each year and we have visited most regions including “Les Landes”. Also Your print out of advice on storage etc is very helpful and would be very helpful to younger people who aren’t always so knowledgeable about food storage other than using a fridge as Larders don’t really exist very much any longer. We are very much looking forward to trying your other things, my husband especially wants to try the snails. He told me to re-order some more confit, which I am definitely going to do, but just want to try the rillettes and snails, but will definitely be re-ordering before the end of the month, he is also very keen to try your Soupe de Homard. So thrilled to have found your web site, by chance through Google, but will be telling my friends and family. Thank you once again Yours sincerely Alexandra Galliers-Pratt. Nov 2018)

Serving Tips

All these products in jars and tins should be kept at room temperature until opened. They have a ‘best before date’ marked on them (DMM in French) but all will keep happily for years past these dates. After opening decant tins (but not necessarily jars) and refrigerate.

We recommend putting it in the fridge for a few hours, then put tin/jar in some warm water for 30 secs, open (with jars, pull rubber tab to open (use pliers if difficult to grip); with tins open both ends and push through) and turn out. Slice with warmed knife and allow to warm to room temp and eat with crusty white bread or brioche. If you wish to heat the foie gras then flash fry (a few seconds only!).

TAPENADE, CAVIAR D'AUBERGINES, ANCHOIADE and most other Provençal products

Spread on bread or toast, use as dip with crunchy fresh vegetables or simply stir into pasta.


*Tinned escargots CAN be frozen.
Prepare as if for cooking, freeze on plate/baking tray and then cook as normal from frozen

Drain the escargots.
Put each one in a shell and garnish with butter, prepared as shown below.
For 12 escargots:
50g butter, 5g finely chopped parsley, 2g garlic, 2g shallots, a pinch of salt, 2g pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, 
Place in medium oven and serve when butter begins to bubble.

Potée forestière aux escargots
4 servings
200 g of escargots - 1 savoy cabbage - champignons de Paris, cèpes, girolles - 2 chopped onions - 125 g

salted belly pork/ streaky bacon - salt, pepper, chopped parsley - 20 g of butter.
Blanch the cabbage (cut in strips (Julienne) in boiling salted water.
Fry the mushrooms and incorporate the escargots. 
Season and allow to simmer for 10 mn, then sprinkle with parsley.
Meanwhile gently fry the onions and diced belly pork/streaky bacon
Add the cabbage and simmer for 10 mn 
Serve mushrooms and escargots with cabbage arranged on top.

Tourte jurassienne d'escargots au Comté
4 servings
200 g of escargots - 2 blocs rolled out pastry - 150 g of grated Comté cheese (or Emmental etc) - 25 cl béchamel - 25 cl of cream - 1 glass white wine - 20 g of butter - 2 egg yolks - chopped parsley - chopped sage - nutmeg - salt & white pepper.

Gently fry the escargots in the butter, add 1/2 glass of white wine, allow to reduce. 
Into the béchamel, incorporate one 1 egg yolk, the cheese, the escargots, the parsley and the nutmeg.
Prepare and shape the tart base put in the filling, brush with egg yolk.
Cook for 15 mn at 220°C.
Add the cream and the sage to the top and put back in oven until this starts to set.

Suprême de volaille à l'émincé d'escargots
4 servings
300 g sliced escargots,
4 chicken breast, 1 lettuce, vinaigrette 
Preparation time: 1 h 30

Split the chicken breasts in order to stuff with escargots.
Roll in cling film and steam for 20 mn 
Allow to cool in the vinaigrette 
Make a nest with the lettuce and fill with slices of the chicken.

Canapés apéritifs aux émincés d'escargots
4 servings
200 g sliced escargots,
4 thick slices of buttered toast. 
Preparation time: 10 mn

Place sliced escargots on top of buttered toast.
Add some knobs of butter and parsley. 
Hot oven for 5 mn

Poêlée d'escargots à la sicilienne
4 servings
200 g of escargots - 5 peeled and depipped tomatoes - 1 sprig parsley, chopped - 1 green pepper- 1 onion - olive oil - salt - black pepper - bread - 2 ou 3 cloves of garlic

Sweat the chopped onion in olive oil, add the chopped tomato and green pepper
Allow to reduce
Season add the drained escargots and parsley
Simmer for 10 mn 
Toast the bread and rub with garlic.
Serve hot.

Champignons farcis aux émincés d'escargots
4 servings
400 g sliced escargots,
20 button mushrooms, 10 g of butter, 250cl of cream, 1 tomato.
Preparation time: 50 mn

Remove the mushroom and finely chop the stalks.
Sweat in butter until all water has evaporated and add sliced mushrooms.
Rub butter round a shallow dish
Fill this with mushroom heads and the cooked mixture and put in oven for 15 mn at middle heat.
Reduce the cream and add chopped tomato. Pour onto cooked snails, mushrooms etc.

Cassolettes d'Escargots
Use in tarts or canapés or simply as a main course accompanied by rice.

To open lever around the lid with round ended knife.
For best results add cream and, at time of serving, croutons spread with rouille.

To prepare at home, heat in a hot frying pan or oven (spoon out the fat as you go). (Don’t overheat otherwise meat will toughen.)
The Duck & Goose Confit are heated for 8/10 minutes until the skin is starting to crisp. We do it in a hot frying pan: 3 minutes skin side down, 3 minutes skin side up then 2 minutes skin side down again. 
Magret and Pork Confit can be eaten hot or cold but are best used cold, sliced or shredded and stirred into pasta etc. 
The saucisses (3 mins?) & pork (6 mins?) need less time than the duck confit. Use the saucisses as they are or chopped in pasta, risotto, salad etc. 
The Pork Confit can be sliced or shred & prepare as per Saucisses above.) GREAT with Ratatouille.

For delicious vegetables (i.e. roast potatoes, stir fries) or giving bland chicken a bit of taste.

Stir into pasta, drizzle or use in vinaigrette. DON'T overheat them by cooking as this will spoil the taste.

As with all the best ingredients, truffles are used in simple dishes. This brings out the full taste and aroma. 
Generally, the way to get full benefit is to add the truffle to one of the ingredients and leave overnight in the fridge. Don’t forget to use the juice.
Please note that, once opened, your truffle is best used as quickly as possible. If you find that you can not use it all quickly, we recommend that you slice it and use it to flavour some olive oil for use at a later date.

Scrambled eggs, soufflé or omelette
Crack your eggs into a bowl about six hours before cooking and add very thin slices of truffle (or grate if you prefer). Use about 1.5 g per egg.

With pasta
Grate over the pasta or, better, grate or slice into crème fraîche or olive oil, leave overnight in the fridge before mixing in to the freshly cooked pasta.

Sauce for steak, roast, chop etc
In prepared cream (as above) mix into the cooking juices with a little salt and pepper.

Truffle butter for fish
Mix with butter the night before (10g per 50g of butter).

These are just a few suggestions. There are many uses for truffles. 
Add a few slices to your olive oil for use on salads etc. Add to soup.

Bring gently to the boil. Remove from the heat. Stir in a knob of butter. Note that these sauces are added to a dish at serving.

Just heat in the oven or gently on the hob or bain-marie. All will serve 2
In verrine/glass unless mentioned.

Heat in the oven topped with breadcrumbs or gently on the hob or bain-marie.

Cassolettes d'Escargots
Use in tarts or canapés or simply as a main course accompanied by rice.